InsideAssociation2 -- association simulator

This is a simulation of the contacts that occur between an association and its members. Each member is represented by a circle over a bar. The red "clock" in each circle represents how much time that person has left before their membership expires. The green bar underneath the circle represents that person's "charge," or enthusiasm and positive opinion about the association and its activities. Over time, each person's charge fades gradually back to zero (except in the case of a few "true believers") but each time a person has a positive contact with the association, whether with another member, through a communication from the association, or from attending a conference, that person's charge is increased. When renewal time comes around, the likelihood that that person renews their membership is proportional to how high their charge is.

Todd Wallace

Membership department

The membership department sends out renewal notices, and does spring and fall membership campaigns.
Publications department

The publications department sends out monthly journals, and an e-newsletter at the beginning of each week.
Conference department

The conference department sends out fall and spring conference previews, and hosts three fall and one spring conference. When someone decides to go to a conference, you will see their icon move inside the circle that represents the conference hall. There, at the conference, people get charged up with positive feelings for their association, and when they return home, their heightened charge influences the people they socialize with and their decision to renew when their membership runs out.